Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Workout Plan for Busy Dads That Will Trim Your Gut, Build Strong Lean Muscle and Give You More Energy...100% Guaranteed!  

Get Fitter, Stronger and Healthier, In The Next 8 Weeks RISK-FREE, With Just 3 Simple Workouts a Week...

From: Sean Barker
RE: Workouts For Busy Dads

Dear Fellow Dad:

Where did the years go? Remember the days when you could eat what you wanted, sprint to catch that bus, and had so much free time that you could actually say, “I am bored”.
Then it seems like one day you woke-up and your belly hangs out over your belt, you get winded going from the couch to the refrigerator, and you have a family to take care of.


"Busy Dad of 3 kids loses his gut and builds lean muscle!"...

“The Dad Fitness Lifestyle System worked wonders to get me in the shape of my life with only 3 workouts a week.

I work as an Aquatics director for our local recreation centre. I would spend hours each day coaching athletes in the swimming pool. This meant my body was out there for everyone to see. I wasn’t happy with how looked and I needed to make a change. But with my schedule I didn’t know how I would find the time to spend hours in the gym.

I was also a busy dad with three kids and a family. I was working up to 12 hours a day 6 days a week.

This left me with what I thought zero time to workout. Any spare time was spent with my family. But, with Sean’s help I had no problem fitting in just 3 short workouts a week. In under an hour I was finished my workout and full of energy to continue on with my busy day.

After just weeks using Sean’s workouts my body started to change so rapidly, everyone would ask me what I was doing. I began to look forward to working at the pool to show off my new body.

I lifted weights on and off in the past buy never seemed to be able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. I thought I would have to do separate workouts with weights to get big, and then lots of cardio workouts to get ripped. That left me confused, frustrated and fat!

The Dad Fitness System completely re-educated me on healthy eating once and for all. The nutrition information was full of easy to prepare meals and snacks. More importantly my family and I could eat together as my whole family loved the meal ideas including my young kids who are picky eaters!”

Thanks so much your help,

-- Fred Pretty, Proud Dad
Wabush, NL, Canada



"For the first time in my life I can finally see my abs"...

“Coming from a “big boned” family I thought I was cursed with the fat gene. I am a guy who loves to eat, and on this lifestyle program I ate more than I ever had.

Within the first week after each workout it’s like I could actually feel my body burning fat. Over the years I tried all the traditional forms of exercise and spent hours in the gym, with minimal results. With this program I loved the freedom it gave me with just 3 workouts a week.

Sean’s program was different, it’s short, simple, and it works! And it’s backed my science, so I know it had to work.

I completely transformed my body to the point my own mother barely recognized me. Wherever I went around town or to social events people would compliment me on how great I looked, and man did that feel good. For the first time in my life I could actually see my abs!

The best thing is I now have the knowledge to maintain this body for the rest of my life. This program is the only one I will ever need. Sean is the real-deal and practices what he preaches.”

Thanks Sean,

-- Toby Aylward,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



"You Can't Go Wrong With The Dad Fitness System!”

"Seans' done a great job of putting together a practical, time-efficient and above all, EFFECTIVE training program/lifestyle program for the busy dad.

If you're a time-strapped dad looking to get back in shape but don't know where to start, you can't go wrong with The Dad Fitness System. The information in this book will definitely get you out of those "fat dad" sweat pants!"

-- Nick Nilsson, CPT



"Baby Weight Isn’t Just For Moms Anymore”

"Whether you’re a new dad who’s picked up a few sympathy pounds or you’ve been wearing a fully elasticized “paternity suit” for years, Dad Fitness is a must-read for all guys lugging around an unplanned ‘food baby’ of their own.  Sean Barker provides easy-to-follow workouts written from a father’s point of view.  Dad Fitness gives you the tools you need to make a great post-partum impression and be the strongest dad at the playground."

-- Joe Stankowski


It's Not Your Fault...

The excuses you have used in the past are WRONG. “You DO have time to workout." You will NOT always be “chunky“ “You HAVEN’T tried everything to lose weight” - just because you have not found the right workout and diet system for you. And by the way. You DO NOT suffer from a "slow metabolism" —almost anyone can increase their metabolism and get into great shape.

If you are like me you don’t have the time, energy or money to be wasting hours driving to the gym, spending your hard earned money on expensive gym memberships, pushing yourself through exhausting workouts that leave you feeling sore, watching noisy teenagers slam around weights, then driving home to deal with what really matters, your family!

Why You Should Listen To Me

Hi, my name is Sean Barker. I am a busy dad just like you. I work as a heavy equipment operator working long 12 hour shifts of dayshifts AND nightshifts, up to 84 hours a week. I am ALSO a nationally certified personal trainer who runs my own business and has a passion for helping others, but more importantly, a BUSY dad and loving husband.

That's why you should listen. Because I know how you feel and I am going to give it to you absolutely straight.

I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how you can...

Get FAST results in only 3 hours a week!
Build muscle and burn fat.
Dramatically increase your energy to keep up with your family.
FEEL your body burning calories throughout the day.
Turn back your metabolism to someone half your age.
Have short workouts of 1 hour or less.
Increase your self-confidence and become the strong dad you want to be.
Learn how to eat quick, great tasting foods that you and your family can enjoy.
And much, much more!

My Embarrassing Story…

During the 9 months of pregnancy my wife went through, as an expectant father and loving husband, I put all my effort into caring for her and the baby. AND, I seemed to engage in some of those late night treats and cravings my wife began to have over this time.

Then slowly but surely MY belly began to grow and get bigger…Wait a minute! Don’t I mean my WIFE’S belly? Yes of course my wifes belly began to grow as she put on the expected baby weight. But, as an expecting father, I seemed to grow a belly of my own.

As a sign of foreshadowing even our home gym started to become the storage room for all the babies stuff. I would hear lights and sounds being activated from toys as I tried at times to navigate my way to the treadmill. By the time I found the treadmill I was beat out from lifting Exersaucers, and Playpens!

I Was Shocked!

After becoming a father of my own I was completely unprepared on how much the miracle of having a child would change my life. Not just for a day or a few weeks, but for the rest of my life.

The excitement of being a new dad brings all kinds of mixed emotions. Also with that is a change in priorities. You are no longer the number one priority in your life. Your whole schedule, 24 hours around the clock, especially in the first few months are dictated by the little bundle of joy you brought into the world.

Then one day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized I had gone from Fitness Freak to Fat Father. Those jeans I used to throw on didn’t go on so easily any more and sweat pants became my homely attire.

The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout…

So I got to thinking. If time and inefficiency in the gym was the two biggest obstacles standing in my way of being a fit father, I had to design an exercise program that nailed those two problems right on the head. The workouts had to be no more than 1 hour in length, they needed to build muscle AND burn body fat in the same workout, and I could accomplish all of this with only 3 simple workouts a week. I knew I could commit to that no matter how hectic life became.

After hundreds of hours of research I finally stumbled upon a secret Japanese training method that incinerates body fat and builds rock hard muscle faster than any other exercise program I have ever seen in my 15 years in the fitness industry. Plus they had done the real world studies to prove it.

STOP: This is not any form of yoga or
martial arts training!

This is an innovative form of resistance training combined with a unique form of high intensity cardio all in the same workout that anyone can learn in minutes and can be completed in under one hour at the gym or in the privacy of your own home. This ancient Japanese exercise technique for burning fat and building muscle is hardly known about except for a handful of top trainers of celebrities and Olympic athletes. These are the trainers who charge hundreds of dollars an hour for private personal training to get movie stars into shape in such a short amount of time.

For a busy dad like me, this program was a savior! I know your time is precious. You may even be busier than me with longer work hours, a time stealing commute and a larger family. But we all have 168 hours in a week, and the best news is with the Dad Fitness workout you only need 3 hours a week to lose than excess fat and build a strong and lean body that will give you the energy you need to be the best dad you can be for your wife and kids.

Deadly Facts On Fat

Being overweight causes heart disease

The more weight you are packing, the greater your risk of an early death. Heart attacks are the No. 1 cause of death for American men.
Being overweight causes cancer

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that concluded that virtually all forms of cancer are more prevalent in people with a higher body mass.
Being overweight causes diabetes

As the number of overweight people continues to climb, so does diabetes. At present, there are more than 75 million Americans who either have diabetes already or have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
Being overweight causes strokes

Strokes related to obesity remain among the top five leading causes of death

What Makes This Exercise Method
So Effective?

The Dad Fitness workouts increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. But the type of calories your body burns is very important wither its aerobic or anaerobic calories.

Aerobic calories burn fat as your body breathes in oxygen. Low-intensity, long duration activities such as walking and light jogging are mainly fat burning. However, as your body's need for energy becomes greater than your rate of oxygen intake, your body begins burning anaerobic calories.

Anaerobic calories burn glycogen (a sugar stored in your muscles and liver) Since this doesn't require oxygen; anaerobic calories are used in very intense exercise for short periods of time such as sprinting or weight lifting.

Most exercise programs only target one or the other. Some will make you grow bigger muscles but will leave you looking big and bulky, including your gut. What I like to call the “power lifter” look. You might look big and strong in normal clothing but you look more like the Michelin Man when you take off your shirt at the beach! Then you have the typical fat burning programs that focus on losing weight, but turn you into a “skinny-fat” person. Do you want to look like Richard Simmons? I didn’t think so…

Here Is What The Dad Fitness
System Will Do For You…

You’ll get FAST results in only 3 hours a week! You read that right. Exercising with the innovative Dad Fitness workouts you only need to workout 3 hours in a whole week. Hey, we can all find 3 hours in a week. We spend more time than that checking email or channel surfing. You will get rapid results in less time doing simple exercises that you can do at the gym or even at home. This allows you the free time to enjoy life with family and friends.

• You’ll build muscle and burn fat - No more trying to find the time to do separate weight lifting workouts to build muscle and cardio workouts to burn fat. The Dad Fitness unique exercise design will turn on your body’s muscle building switch while at the same time cranking up your metabolism and forcing your body to burn fat as energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• You’ll dramatically increase your energy to keep up with your family - After the Dad Fitness workouts you will feel energized and in a great mood to keep up with your family, get all those Dad chores done like mowing the lawn, helping with groceries, being your kids taxi driver and still have lots of time and energy to enjoy some time on the golf course.

• You’ll actually FEEL your body burning calories throughout the day - The first thing most people almost instantly feel after a couple of Dad Fitness workouts is the Thermic Effect. During the day you might notice you feel warmer and more alert. This is the secret to the Dad Fitness workouts. Your body will be burning fat for energy long after your workout is over.

• You’ll turn back your metabolism to someone half your age - Most people think their metabolism runs like a slug just because they are a certain age. Yes as you age your metabolism naturally slows down a little. But its not the main cause of weight gain as you age. It’s your lifestyle that accounts for the majority of your weight gain as you age. The Dad Fitness lifestyle resets your metabolic switch and increases your Testosterone so you will burn fat and build muscle like you did in your twenties.

• You’ll have short workouts of 1 hour or less - Say good-bye to spending hours in the gym! Each workout is specifically designed to hit your body’s largest muscle groups so you get faster results in less time so you can move on with your day.

• You’ll increase your self-confidence and become the strong dad you want to be - If you change the way you look, you will change the way you feel. You will finally get back that self-confidence as you increase strength and lean muscle with the Dad Fitness workouts. The best gift you can give your kids is to be a strong and healthy role model.

• You’ll learn how to eat quick, great tasting foods that you and your family can enjoy - Hey, we work hard to provide for our family. We have big hearts but we also have big appetites! Living the Dad Fitness lifestyle, you won’t have to starve yourself or eat tasteless non-satisfying food. We provide a huge nutrition manual full of hearty great tasting meals and snacks that are easy to prepare for you and your family.

• And much, much more!

If I Can Do It, YOU Can Do It


"You Can't Go Wrong With The Dad Fitness System!”

I completely transformed my body in just 3 months with just 3 workouts per week. Now it’s time for you do to do the same. For busy Dads, The Dad Fitness System is all you need to get the body you always wanted, GUARANTED!

Imagine lifting up your shirt in 3 months and seeing your abs for the very first time!


Introducing The Ultimate Fitness
Program For Busy Dads:
The Dad Fitness Lifestyle System

When I design customized workouts for my clients, each 8-week program costs $120. But in the Dad Fitness E-book, you get access to nine advanced workouts, and three introductory workouts that progress you from Beginner to Advanced.
That 16-week package would easily be worth more than $240 if you were a private client of mine.

Plus, if you were to train with me one-on-one, that would cost you an additional $75 an hour. (I currently have a waiting list for clients) And, if you had further questions along the way you would need to purchase my coaching plan, which includes limited access to my personal email and a one-hour phone consultation, which would cost you another $100.

Total Value of this Personal Training Package is over $565. But you'll pay only $39.95

And you can get instant access to the Dad Fitness System in just seconds. When you join the exclusive club of Dad Fitness …

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside the
Dad Fitness Lifestyle System E-book Package:

• All You Need is 4 Minutes! How to do short burst exercise to boost your metabolism and burn calories all day long – all from quick 4-minute workouts using your bodyweight

• Your In Control The choice is yours. Workout at home, in the gym or on the road. The Dad Fitness Exercise System allows you the flexibility to train when and where you want without expensive equipment.

• No More Long, Boring Workouts! Get more results in less time with the unique Dad Fitness exercise design, just 3 hours a week!

• The Secret Japanese Training Method This exercise method blows the traditional form of exercise out of the water! Plus it is backed my science. Top celebrity trainers to Olympic athletes are using this workout method and so can you!

• Get More Energy! How to get more physical and mental energy so you can be a Super Dad all day and all night – no matter how many things you have to do

• Sensible Meal Planning Strategies How to save time on meal preparation while eating hearty great tasting foods that help you burn fat.

• The Thermic Effect The #1 secret to fast fat loss and how to maintain this effect 24 hours a day

• Total Body Training The best exercises to do for building strong arms, sculpting your chest and shoulders, and burning off that gut once and for all!

• The TRUTH on Supplements Why you don’t need all the pills and powders– why these are a waste of money and can do more harm than good. Instead discover the key supplements you do need to improve your health and vitality

• 18 Reasons To Weight Train The key reasons why you must use resistance exercise to boost your metabolism, build lean muscle, improve your mood, burn more fat, and dramatically increase your energy levels.

• Sample Menus and Recipes Jam-packed with great food menus that allows you to quickly and easily construct satisfying, energizing, fat burning meals for you and your entire family.

• Dad Fitness Exercise Photos & Descriptions Not only do you get complete workout charts with exercises, sets, reps and every other detail, you also get photos of every exercise. You'll see the start and finish photos for all of the Dad Fitness exercises, as detailed descriptions to ensure that you are doing every movement to its full potential, giving you maximum results from each workout.

• Bonus 12 Weeks of Advanced Workouts Implement exercises that will challenge you, even if you are already in great shape. Avoid the possibility of ever hitting a plateau when you have access to a variety of challenging moves that will stimulate your metabolism to new heights.

This isn’t just a plain and simple workout book. You’ll get a complete lifestyle success program to be the Best Damn Dad You Can Be, showing you how to save time on eating and exercise, so that you can have more quality time with your wife and children.

But wait... there's MORE... These Sizzling Exclusive SUPER BONUS GIFTS Are Yours To Download FREE When You Order Today

Muscles in Minutes
(Retail Value = $29.99)
Finally you have no more excuses for skipping workouts and getting in great shape! With The Dad Fitness Muscles In Minutes workouts you can lose that gut and build rock hard muscle anywhere at anytime. Whether it’s before work, after work or even during work! You can always find 15 minutes to squeeze in a quick workout so you can start looking better and feeling better.

Buff and Busy Home Workout
(Retail Value = $29.99)
Busy dads can now build maximum muscle at home in minimum time with The Buff and Busy Workout from Dad Fitness. You can finally be the buffest dad on the beach this summer with only 3 short home workouts a week! This workout program uses the most effective muscle building technique called undulating periodization which has been proven to be more effective in inducing maximum muscle gains when compared to traditional workout programs.

The Truth About Fit Dads Audio Series
(Retail Value = $39.99)
Listen in to these 3 EXCLUSIVE interviews with the busiest and fittest dads in the health and fitness industry today! Brad Pilon reveals shocking truths about obsessive eating, food recalls and the shady supplement industry. Mike Roussell gives you the 6 pillars of nutrition, how to lose more than 2lbs a week and the challenges of having baby twins! Zach Even-esh gets real about why us dads need to stay fit despite our busy schedule, why you don't need a gym and how to balance hectic days and still get in a great workout. Finally you will hear how you can get in great shape despite being a busy dad...

Manly Meals Cookbook
(Retail Value= $27.95)
If your a hungry dad who likes to eat REAL food with your family and still want to get in great shape, you will love this cookbook. Sean Barker shows you the real recipes he eats on a weekly basis to stay in great shape year round despite working 2 jobs and running a family. This is fit and fast food recipes for guys who likes all the classics like burgers, pizza, pasta and how to grill the perfect steak. Plus your kids won't know they are eating healthy with these tasty wholesome ingredients!

Precision Nutrition Strategies For Success
(Retail Value = $29.99)

Created by Dr. John Berardi, Precision Nutrition is the top rated nutrition system in the world! This e-book is an extension of the Precision Nutrition program. With 43 pages and 7 chapters (plus appendices), it's obviously nowhere near as comprehensive as the full Precision Nutrition Program. However, it provides a nice and simple overview of some critical PN strategies including: the rules of good nutrition, protein intake, balancing dietary acids, altering your eating schedule to make it more PN friendly, preparing foods, eating on the road, revving your metabolism, and more.

Gourmet Nutrition Desserts
(Retail Value = $19.99)

A 44 page dessert cookbook complete with delicious "Precision Nutrition approved" dessert recipes, beautiful photography, and hints on how to eat the foods you love without the gaining the fat you hate.

Quick Start Meal Plans
(Retail Value = $25.99)

To help you ease your confusion, eliminate guesswork, and take the first step in the right direction, we’ve made it easy by providing 6 different meal plans at various calorie and macronutrient levels. To make sure these were the best meal plans available anywhere on the Internet I enlisted the help of Dr. Chris Mohr. Dr. Chris Mohr is highly regarded as the top nutrition expert in the world today and is a consultant for numerous professional sport team and athletes. It will give you filling, simple to prepare meal plans without letting you go over your calorie limit for the day.

So What’s the Catch? Why Am I Practically
Giving This Resource Away?...

Well, there is NO CATCH; I do not have high printing costs because the Dad Fitness package is delivered to you instantly as a digital download. And I’m passing on those savings to you.

I would personally like as many overweight Dads as possible to be able to get their hands on this amazing collection of health and fitness information so they can finally get the body they always wanted.

I'm in business to help busy Dads like you finally get the strong and healthy body you deserve. It's my personal goal to help you experience the same level of health and happiness that I've been able to accomplish.

There simply is NO CATCH. In fact, you're completely protected by my...

“The Dad Fitness System!”
Packed With Step-By-Step Workouts, Delicious Eating Plans, Fat Burning Secrets and a Tested and Proven Exercise Method To Guarantee Your Success!

I know how difficult it is to find real, expert advice on fitness and fat loss workout exercises these days. It's not your fault. With all the conflicting information you hear on TV and the outdated advice printed in magazines, its no wonder so many Dads are bored with their workouts and frustrated with their lack of results.

Plus, you’re finally getting a program for someone who has been there in your shoes struggling with the life of a busy dad – but who found the answer to your problems. From one Dad to another, I guarantee this is the best fat loss and lifestyle system for Dads anywhere!

I created the system based on research-proven techniques and tested it in the real world on myself and on my private training clients before releasing it to you. That's also why I'm offering it to you with such a generous no risk guarantee.

The Dad Fitness System has worked for hundreds of Dads and it will work for you too, or you can keep the program for FREE, it's as simple as that. All you have to do is click on the link below to order & and I promise you are going to be blown away with how good you look in the mirror in a very short time. Order Right Now and you can have the workouts instantly so you can start your workouts today!

Sean Barker, C.P.T.

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try The Dad Fitness System. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased fat loss and energy from the Dad Fitness System in 8 weeks, let us know and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. These workouts has already been trusted by busy Dads all over the world to lose fat an build muscle, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.S. If you are sick and tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym doing ineffective workouts and getting next to no results, then use Dad Fitness to cut back on your workout time, boost your metabolism (allowing you to burn calories and fat ALL day and night), and help you lose inches and fit back into your old clothes.

P.P.P.S. There's only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get the complete bonus package along with the e-book. With all the new bonuses I've just added, I've been told this package is way too cheap now and the price will be going up very soon. Or, if I decide to keep the price the same, the bonuses may be withdrawn at any time and put up for sale separately. Order now so you don't miss out on this great bonus package deal!

NOTE: Dad Fitness is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer you can download it for free here:

Thank you!

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